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Color Blindness LED Failure

Red and Green LEDs and their simulated color blind view.

This image is a follow up to the other color blindness examples.

The bottom images are the simulated color blind view. A good reminder to always use color as a secondary indicator.

Designing the Campaign

obamamccain.jpg Over the last two years (has it really only been two?) I have enjoyed watching the different campaigns unveil and update their websites. Each site has been unique but each also contained similar elements. Several times, I purposed to write a comparison review of the sites but that never made it past some initial research.

San Jose Semaphore


Located at the top of the Adobe's Almaden Tower in San Jose, CA, is a LED semaphore. This semaphore was build as a large public art display by New York artist Ben Rubin.

Made up of 4 large wheels a slot or line in the middle, the semaphore was able to represent up to 256 unique characters. When the semaphore began transmission on August 7, 2006, Adobe turned it into a contest. The contest that Adobe sponsored was to decode what message was being sent via the semaphore. In addition to the visual message, they also broadcast an audio transmission over a low-power AM transmitter.

Critique Adobe


Let your voice be heard and be amused at

Stefan Bucher Entertains AIGA Orlando

Stefan Bucher

Stefan presented a first rate slide-show to support his well-delivered stories and smart comments. We were frequently laughing out loud.

He showed us:

  • Lots of CD Covers
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Logos
  • Bear Illustrations


All Access: The Making of Thirty Extraordinary Graphic Designers

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