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Brand Experience

For discussions of topics similar to Mark Hurt's email, Good Experience. For example, the topic of authentic branding.

Figuring Out How To Do More With Design. At Coke.

I've always been fascinated by design and marketing at Coca-Cola. This article, at Business Week, is a look at how David Butler makes design change in a large organization. Don't miss the part about the internal Web based design software that only allows creation of artwork that conforms to the brand standards.

HOW Design Conference 2008 Boston

This year's HOW Design Conference was (also) 16 hours a day of design and creative inspiration.

Welcome HOW Design Conference
Growing Skyline
Neenah Paper Projection
Allan Haley
MIT Frank Gehery

More How Conference Photos

Brand Interactions Are the Future

I just came across this article from AdvertisingAge that dovetails nicely with a conversation I had with Paul about job descriptions, interaction design, and the problem solving nature of design that keeps us coming back. It is interesting to see the evolution of design and technology and how it contributes to the role of design in business.

Brown on White(board)

Since I don't watch much TV, I have to rely on other sources and the Internet to find out when new interesting ads are running. So tonight I was delighted to read about UPS' new campaign called “Whiteboard”.

Consumers Vs Advertisers: The breakup

A nice video about, well, the state of advertising. Enjoy.

Nuclear Technology Ad

This is an amazing ad for a French energy company, Areva. In only 45 seconds, it does a wonderful job of explaining a very complicated process. You can also see what went on in making the ad too.

Hat tip to information aesthetics.

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