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Nuclear Technology Ad

This is an amazing ad for a French energy company, Areva. In only 45 seconds, it does a wonderful job of explaining a very complicated process. You can also see what went on in making the ad too.

Hat tip to information aesthetics.

Digitized Post-Its

Not sure if this is a concept or a real product. These are 4 layers of darkening gray paper followed by a bright red paper on the bottom that are cut and sticky like postit notes. However, they cover a whole wall and give a beautiful digital effect. I would LOVE to have a wall of those in my office AND home! (Via David Benton)

Pixelnotes 05 Small

Flight Pattern Visualization

200608290804I ran across some amazing visualizations of Flight Patterns. They are the early work of a project called Celestial Mechanics which is “planetarium-based artwork installation that visualizes the statistics, data, and protocols of manmade aerial technologies.” The work was done by Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne and they took FAA data and plotted it and then rendered it out using Adobe After Effects.

The work is truly amazing and a wonderful visual representation of amount of air traffic in this country. Watch the main feature, or any of the other visualizations.

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