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Web Design

Figuring Out How To Do More With Design. At Coke.

I've always been fascinated by design and marketing at Coca-Cola. This article, at Business Week, is a look at how David Butler makes design change in a large organization. Don't miss the part about the internal Web based design software that only allows creation of artwork that conforms to the brand standards.

Have you taken the survey?

i-took-the-2008-survey.gif It's time yet again for the A List Apart annual Web Design survey. Have you taken it? If not, go share your experiences with the community.

HOW Design Conference 2008 Boston

This year's HOW Design Conference was (also) 16 hours a day of design and creative inspiration.

Welcome HOW Design Conference
Growing Skyline
Neenah Paper Projection
Allan Haley
MIT Frank Gehery

More How Conference Photos

Are Web Standards over Hyped?

Yesterday while flying from Dallas to Minneapolis, I listed to the Design View Show #8 podcast. The Design View Show is a weekly podcast by Andy Rutledge that looks at design and the business of design.

Eric Meyer Tip

In case you auto archive your Adobe Edge email newsletter, there's an interview with Eric Meyer in the latest one.

Eric Meyer

Towards the end he gives a string of CSS resources that he likes. They must be good!

HOW Design Conference 2007

Over the last few days I've been going over my HOW Conference materials typing notes and discarding things from the folder like presentation handouts from a QuarkXpress session. The conference was truly rich with inspiration and it has been difficult to visit all the links without clicking a couple time and becoming distracted.

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