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Set a Record. Download FireFox 3.

Download Day - English

What else do you have to do?

Brand Interactions Are the Future

I just came across this article from AdvertisingAge that dovetails nicely with a conversation I had with Paul about job descriptions, interaction design, and the problem solving nature of design that keeps us coming back. It is interesting to see the evolution of design and technology and how it contributes to the role of design in business.

Amy Guip

Amy Guip

Photographer Amy Guip presented her body of work to AIGA Orlando last evening.

Amy isn't afraid to use Photoshop to "create an image in post." She talked about shooting for one image in England, a studio in New York City and a forest in up-state New York and creating the final on the computer. Her images are enriched from her digital texture library which she draws on to give her digital images a hand produced feel. She is successful with this approach and her client list is impressive.

Photoshop World and Joe McNally

Yesterday a colleague and I were able to squeeze in a few minutes on the convention floor of Photoshop World. There were some interesting booths. I almost purchased a Lens Baby, but decided even the convention special was a little expensive for a toy lens. Most booths had a presenter wearing a microphone and talking about various products or techniques. The end result was the inability to hear anything. We squeezed close enough to hear some discussions about black and white conversions, Lightroom, and DNG. Joe McNally was demonstrating shooting techniques.

A friend of mine suggested I needed to watch the following video of Joe. What fun.

Are Web Standards over Hyped?

Yesterday while flying from Dallas to Minneapolis, I listed to the Design View Show #8 podcast. The Design View Show is a weekly podcast by Andy Rutledge that looks at design and the business of design.


This guest contribution is from a programmer colleague of mine at Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences. Thanks for this enlightenment.

According to Wikipedia there are an estimated 10.5 million American men who are red green color blind. I am one of them. I discovered this many years ago and rarely think about it as to me it is normal. However, I have discovered that those around me are endlessly fascinated with it—especially designers. So, to you I provide this public service message on color blindness.

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