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Figuring Out How To Do More With Design. At Coke.

I've always been fascinated by design and marketing at Coca-Cola. This article, at Business Week, is a look at how David Butler makes design change in a large organization. Don't miss the part about the internal Web based design software that only allows creation of artwork that conforms to the brand standards.

Parking Garage Signage by Axel Peemoeller

et4.pngThis is some amazing signage from a parking garage by Axel Peemoeller. The location is Melbourne, Australia. I really enjoy how depending on where you are standing, you get a different view of the lettering and if you are in the exact right position, they look like they are right in your way and you will have to drive through them. Take a look at the complete set of pictures to get a full idea of what the installation looks like.

Have you taken the survey?

i-took-the-2008-survey.gif It's time yet again for the A List Apart annual Web Design survey. Have you taken it? If not, go share your experiences with the community.

Moving Stills

This kind of stop-motion video is so great! I just wish I had the patience to create something like this!


Seeing Red Exhibition, Orlando AIGA

Seeing Red

Say It Loud hosted AIGA Orlando's exhibit of red themed posters designed to affect change.

People were even wearing red!

HOW Design Conference 2008 Boston

This year's HOW Design Conference was (also) 16 hours a day of design and creative inspiration.

Welcome HOW Design Conference
Growing Skyline
Neenah Paper Projection
Allan Haley
MIT Frank Gehery

More How Conference Photos

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