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Designing the Campaign

obamamccain.jpg Over the last two years (has it really only been two?) I have enjoyed watching the different campaigns unveil and update their websites. Each site has been unique but each also contained similar elements. Several times, I purposed to write a comparison review of the sites but that never made it past some initial research.

San Jose Semaphore


Located at the top of the Adobe's Almaden Tower in San Jose, CA, is a LED semaphore. This semaphore was build as a large public art display by New York artist Ben Rubin.

Made up of 4 large wheels a slot or line in the middle, the semaphore was able to represent up to 256 unique characters. When the semaphore began transmission on August 7, 2006, Adobe turned it into a contest. The contest that Adobe sponsored was to decode what message was being sent via the semaphore. In addition to the visual message, they also broadcast an audio transmission over a low-power AM transmitter.

Parking Garage Signage by Axel Peemoeller

et4.pngThis is some amazing signage from a parking garage by Axel Peemoeller. The location is Melbourne, Australia. I really enjoy how depending on where you are standing, you get a different view of the lettering and if you are in the exact right position, they look like they are right in your way and you will have to drive through them. Take a look at the complete set of pictures to get a full idea of what the installation looks like.

Have you taken the survey?

i-took-the-2008-survey.gif It's time yet again for the A List Apart annual Web Design survey. Have you taken it? If not, go share your experiences with the community.

Moving Stills

This kind of stop-motion video is so great! I just wish I had the patience to create something like this!


Are Web Standards over Hyped?

Yesterday while flying from Dallas to Minneapolis, I listed to the Design View Show #8 podcast. The Design View Show is a weekly podcast by Andy Rutledge that looks at design and the business of design.

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